Designs installed by Homeowners


Curb Appeal & Function all in one!

Kyesha 2
After – functional, colorful and inviting both day and night


Before – lacking in life & curb appeal






Opportunity:  big enclosed bed, want to add curb appeal and a place to sit in the evenings

Solution:  a small paver patio, water feature to drown out sounds, plants & perennials galore to bring in the curb appeal

A Gabion Raised Garden Bed

Alex Bef.jpg
Before – The slope is perfect for a gabion wall


Opportunity:  sunny property with a lot of grade change, want to create an entire produce garden without the stooping and kneeling


Alex Gibson 1a.JPG
In the process of completing…



Solution:  gabion raised garden beds





Cozy Courtyard Hang-out

Before – private courtyard that is worn but has a lot of potential


Opportunity:  A wonderful private space but it’s a complete jungle of a mess and can only be used in the summer and warmer days in spring and fall because of this homes geographic location.



Paver Patio
After – cozy up to the table top firepit or the corner firepit – the choice is yours!



Solution:  expand the concrete pad with pavers, build a pergola, add a relaxing glider, firepits (yes, more than 1!) and lighting




Relaxing Bird-watching Retreat

Megan's Patio Before


Opportunity:  An almost large patio, huge oak tree perfect for birds, incomplete space to relax, cook, eat or entertain, ugly light, unneeded sandbox and a messed up threshold…no problem!


Megan's Patio 1


Solution:  made the current patio larger with pavers, functional & good looking furniture, a warm firepit that can also act as a table top, and planters full of colorful perennials and solar ball jars. Now this is a space they can kick back and enjoy bird watching & hanging out! The final touches were a new patio light and a threshold capable of handling wear and tear.



Raised Garden Retreat

Melyssa Starks BandA
Top = Before, messy, difficult to use an eye sore; an update needed.  Bottom = After, defined, functional, easy to use


Opportunity:  nice area for the garden but fragmented and without a plan, dislike the fencing and the constant battle with the weeds!


Solution:  a thick aggregate ground covering with raised garden beds, a firepit and seating for the kids to come hang with mom and dad (until they can be recruited to help!!!)





Low Maintenance Plants Colorado Style

Danielle Bef 1.JPG
Before – Aspens growing naturally along property line provided some definition


Opportunity: lacking definition to property lines, struggling to grow grass… wanting a low maintenance solution to grass.


Danielle Demers 4a.JPG



Solution:  incorporate natural aggregates as the ground cover, utilizing a flat paver style block to separate the lawn from the plants, corner fence line, and fill the bed with colorful trees, shrubs and perennials with low water & maintenance requirements




A Patio Expansion for Gardening & Relaxing!

Suzie Bef
Before – lots of space to make more functional


Suzie Hall 1a.jpg
After – newly built gardeners workstation, firepit and expanded paver patio. Next…raised garden beds!!

Opportunity:  great space to grade papers, work in the garden and finally relax with family but missing most the components to do these things



Solution:  expand the patio with pavers, build a firepit &  separate sitting area, build a potting table for future raised garden beds





A little lift here, a little lift there…


Tyler bef.jpeg


 Opportunity:  newly purchased home in need of love inside and out! This WA couple bought this corner lot for investment purposes but want to enjoy it for themselves as well!


Tyler 4a.JPG
After – well defined corner lot…trees and shrubs will be going in next!



Wanting to get the most bang for their buck, my design focused on curb appeal and a space to hang out in the backyard w/ friends!



Tyler 1b.jpeg
Before – this concrete backyard looked like it should’ve had a pool to match but no such luck



Solution:  simply adding a split rail fence and transplanting existing plants helped tremendously with the curb appeal.  The backyard needed a little more help, with the replacement of old wood with retaining wall block.


Tyler 1a.jpg
In the process – landscape timbers were replaced with retaining wall blocks for a cleaner look, more crushed stone and pavers will fill in the new patio.


Adding a pattern of larger pavers to a gravel patio space provides a cost effective way to create a stylish look.






Needing a little guidance with your outdoor spaces?

Contact me to get a plan pulled together fitting to
your space, your needs and your climate!

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