Designs installed by homeowners

Curb Appeal & Function all in one!

  • Opportunity:  big enclosed bed, want to add curb appeal and a place to sit in the eveningsKyesha 2
  • Solution:  a small paver patio, water feature to drown out sounds, plants & perennials galore to bring in the curb appeal



A Gabion Raised Garden Bed

  • Opportunity:  sunny property with a lot of grade change, want to create an entire produce garden
  • Solution:  gabion raised garden beds

Alex Bef.jpg


Alex Gibson 1a.JPG








Cozy Courtyard Hang-out

  • Opportunity:  wonderful private space but it’s a complete jungle of a mess and can only use the space in the summer and warmer days in spring and fall
  • Solution:  expand the concrete pad with pavers, build a pergola, add a relaxing glider, firepits (yes, more than 1!) and lighting


Paver Patio




Relaxing Bird-watching Retreat

  • Opportunity:  almost large patio, huge oak tree perfect for birds, incomplete space to relax, would like to cook, eat and entertain/relax in this space
  • Solution:  make current patio larger with pavers, and dress up the patio with furniture, firepit and plantings for a relaxing space to enjoy 3 seasons

Megan's Patio Before



Megan's Patio 1










Magical Garden

  • Opportunity:  nice area for the garden but fragmented and without a plan, dislike the fencing and the constant battle with the weeds
  • Solution:  a thick aggregate ground covering with raised garden beds, a firepit and seating – a place for the kids to come hang with mom and dad (until you can recruit them for help!!!)

Melyssa Starks BandA


Low Maintenance Plants Colorado Style

  • Opportunity:  vast side yard, wanting to create a look of their own to distinguish between neighboring yards, close off foot traffic going through the front yard and steer to the sidewalk
  • Solution:  incorporate natural aggregates as the ground cover, utilizing a flat paver style block to separate the lawn from the plants, corner fence line, and fill the bed with colorful trees, shrubs and perennials with low water & maintenance requirements

Danielle Bef 1.JPG






Danielle Demers 4a.JPG








Multifunctional Patio Expansion

  • Opportunity:  great space to grade papers, work in the garden and finally relax with family but missing most the components to do these things
  • Solution:  expand the patio, build a firepit &  separate sitting area, build a potting table for future raised garden beds

Suzie Bef




Suzie Hall 1a.jpg











A little lift here, a little lift there…

  • Opportunity:  newly purchased home in need of love inside and out!  Wanting to get the most bang for their buck to create curb appeal and a space to hang out in the backyard
  • Solution:  simply adding a split rail fence and transplanting existing plants helped tremendously with the curb appeal.  The backyard needed a little more help, with the replacement of old wood with retaining wall block and new landscape timbers and adding a pattern of larger pavers to a gravel patio space gives style without a lot of $$$

Tyler bef.jpeg





Tyler 4a.JPG








Tyler 1b.jpeg







Tyler 1a.jpg








Do you need a little guidance on what to do with your outdoor spaces?

Contact me and we’ll get a plan pulled together fitting to your space, your needs and your climate.

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