Another #Lowe’s #TheUpskillProject a success thanks to the hard working home owners and the team from Lowe’s of South Lincoln, NE!  The Upskill projects are a way for Lowe’s to assist homeowners to learn the skills to tackle some of the projects around the house that don’t necessarily require a tradesman to complete.

These new Nebraska homeowners, we’ll call them L&J, had the skills necessary to take on some of the projects inside their new home but wanted some direction on how to handle the outside…in particular, taming the jungle, aka their backyard.  (The jungle is what they called it, not me!!!)


It appeared the previous homeowners did enjoy being outdoors and using the space, but it was really difficult to understand how they were using it…there were strange pieces & parts everywhere!  Regardless, it was fun to ponder the old use and then start envisioning the new use!!!

So, I found out that L&J love spending time outside with their pooch and wanted a space they could use 3 seasons a year.  The parameters for the project…$2000 budget, demo/clean-up, expand the current patio, build a pergola, plant shrubs and install everything in 2 days!

I was excited about this project because it had good bones to build from.

IMG_0420The current patio was a nice size, there was a privacy fence that we could use to our advantage and L&J had some items we could reuse (we weren’t repurposing everything…just the good stuff!).

This was a 2 day build, so L&J got a jump start on some of the demo and clean-up in order to make more time for learning new skills…like laying a paver patio! My final design was an 8′ patio expansion using 16×16 pavers (to blend with the current concrete patio) and a pergola…this filled the space behind the privacy fence making the best use of the square footage for this new outdoor living area!

Once the Lowe’s team arrived, it was non-stop work on the patio until 10pm!

IMG_0477After a day like that, you’re so tired you don’t even care if you take a shower before crawling into bed…all you want is to lay down!!!  If you’re thinking of tackling a patio on your own, you can do it…you just don’t have to install it all in one day…spread it out over the weekend!

IMG_0823Meanwhile, screening shrubs were being planted in strategic spots to create a bit of a visual barrier between L&J and their 5 backyard neighbors…yes…they have 5!!!

Once the patio was finished, it was on to building the steel frame pergola with canopy.  This element was essential for providing some shade from the afternoon sun and making this space useful during hours that normally weren’t used before.  The kit went together without a hitch allowing L&J to move on to IMG_0984assembling the glider…being taller, they were apprehensive about this item but were pleasantly surprised to find it fitting for them and their space!

Because of the cooler climate and the desire to use the space 3 seasons a year, the need for heat hit hard on my mind…I’m always cold, so I could only imagine how cold I would be in the spring and fall in NE!!!  So, I incorporated two “warm spaces” in the design…one just to hang out around a fire pit (the glider is perfect for this area!) IMG_4636 and another under the pergola at the table…cards anyone?!  The results…a warm inviting space you want to relax in for hours! IMG_4634




Are you interested in updating an outdoor space at your home?  Let me know if you would like help getting your thoughts into an easy to follow plan.  I love hearing about each new space – I look forward to working with you!!  Cherie


The bed located on the left side of this picture was a project L&J completed confidently after gaining the additional skills from working with the Lowe’s Upskill 360 Team.

Nice job L&J!!!

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