As a landscaper, I would cringe when a customer20170406_094613
insisted on using Pine Straw for all of their ground cover needs.  I’m okay if it’s to freshen up the natural area that is chock full of Pines but, when you’re suggesting using it in all the beds surrounding your home…that’s when my nose starts to turn up!
Yes, I’m a ground cover snob…I’m sure you weren’t aware my kind existed!!!  Nonetheless, in the next few moments, I’m going to try to convince you to be a ground cover snob too!

20170406_105000First and foremost, aesthetics!  What is more pleasing to the eye…thin, graying pine needles…or thick, chocolate brown mulch?!?  It is true, pine needles break down much more quickly than the more robust double ground hardwood mulch.  The needles are thinner and have more air surface allowing for decomposition to occur more quickly.  Within a short time the pine needles will turn gray and go from a fluffy covering to a flat dusting over your bare earth.

Second, function!  Because mulch offers a thicker ground covering solution, your plants will be stronger and healthier.  The extra moisture retained in the mulch will keep the plants roots cooler in the summer and better supplied overall.  This environment adds
to the plants ability to produce more brilliant blooms (in addition to regularly fertilizing your shrubs).  This also means, there is less opportunity to lose plants to heat or dehydration…very important with new plants or if your area is experiencing drought like conditions.20170406_104833

Finally, cost!  Mulch doesn’t break down as easily and is able to absorb and retain more moisture than its weaker counterpart.  Therefore, you will be replacing it less and watering less.  This is great news if you are paying city water to irrigate your property – this means shorter and fewer watering times!

Here’s some additional information regarding the different versions of mulch on how to choose your mulch!

Beauty, function and cost savings…what more could you ask for?!?  

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Thank you!  Cherie

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